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Is football betting legal in Vietnam? Things need to notice



Legal football betting is gradually being directed by building a legal corridor as the basis for implementing state management. If before, online betting in football was still considered one of the forms of gambling. The law has changed regarding it as a legal business form.

Many online football betting players still assume that making such online football betting is considered legal. Then there is nothing to worry about our credentials. But please note that the State promulgates legal regulations with the primary purpose of management. Therefore, before participating in legal football betting, we need to understand the provisions of the law on football betting in particular or online betting in sports in general to regulate our behavior. What are those problems? Let’s find out with Kubet right in the article below.

The provisions of the law

Currently, the provisions of the law on international legal football betting are provided for in Decree No. 06/2017/ND-CP on business betting on horse racing, greyhound racing, and international football (collectively referred to as international football betting). Sports betting). In law and practice, we need to ensure the following key issues.

Does Vietnam allow football betting?

In recent years, the State has decided to be more open to betting, including football betting. That is, players can participate in betting but must meet the requirements set by the State.

Playing football betting is one of the betting game models that is regulated by law. Those who want to ensure safe betting need to find out what legal football betting is in Vietnam. Legal betting laws in Vietnam require what conditions and things to know about football betting.

Some conditions to determine legal betting

Regarding the player’s side, betting participants must ensure the following regulations: Players must be at least 21 years old and have a total capacity for civil acts as prescribed by Kubet law.

Players have obligations to perform such as:

• Present personal documents to prove that you are allowed to participate in betting when businesses or government agencies require it.

• Comply with the provisions of the law on the betting business and the published Betting Rules.

• Not to perform any violations or frauds during the betting process.

In terms of business organizations, if you want to legalize football betting activities, you must ensure strict implementation of relevant laws, such as:

• Betting at reputable betting sites, licensed to operate by a competent authority.

• Safe and secure form of betting.

• Betting limits are clearly defined. Absolutely no heavy betting or organizations that borrow money to bet.

• Betting laws are published clearly and thoroughly.

• Present personal documents to prove that you are allowed to participate in betting when businesses or government agencies require it.

• Comply with the provisions of the law on the betting business and the published Betting Rules.

• Ensure a safe business form, do not commit any violations or frauds during the betting process.

Since this is a conditional business, before starting to place bets, we need to ensure that our organization has met those statutory conditions and completed registration with the competent governing body.

Here are some fundamental factors in determining if you have been participating in a legal football betting program in Vietnam.

Is football betting illegal?

Gambling and betting are games within the scope of legal control. So is football betting illegal or not? Betting and betting activities are not unlawful. However, there are still cases where bets are handled and prosecuted. It depends on the bet level and the size of the chance.

Especially even online betting and online football betting are all legal games. So players can be assured when participating in these games. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to choosing safe and licensed bookies to be able to play safer.

Acts of betting and large gambling organizations that violate the law will be handled very seriously. The detention time of the accused during the investigation shall not exceed three months for severe crimes and not more than four months for grave crimes. So choose online football betting to avoid unfortunate consequences.

What is legal football betting?

Recently, the Vietnamese government has moved to open up football betting and betting activities. Especially lately, the Vietnamese government has signed and approved a decree allowing legal football betting in Vietnam and business activities related to international football betting, greyhound racing, and horse racing. This Decree takes effect officially from March 31, 2017. Which emphasizes The following points should be noted:

Here are some fundamental factors in determining if you have been participating in a legal football betting program in Vietnam.

1. Requires players to participate in betting must be citizens over 21 years old. Meet the capacity along with the civil action.

2. The minimum bet for each game is 10,000 VND (Ten thousand VND), and the maximum is 1,000,000 VND (One million VND).

3. You must participate in betting business locations the government has duly licensed.

Thus, if implemented strictly according to the framework of this Decree, betting acts in Vietnam are entirely legal. In addition, the Decree also stipulates that businesses that want to do business in this field must fully meet the conditions. The completing the investment procedures to register with the government’s permission to do business.

More and more online betting sites appear so players must pay more attention to avoid scamming. In particular, Kubet is a licensed bookmaker with many years of experience. This model will be a safe, fun playground for you!

How is it considered legal football betting?

Because there are legal documents to regulate, the legal football betting rules are increasingly tightened.

• Competent state management agencies must strictly control football betting business activities to ensure compliance with the set regulations.

• The organization of the betting business must ensure transparency, objectivity, and honesty and protect the rights and common interests of the participating parties.

• The currency used to buy tickets and pay prizes in the football betting business is the Vietnam dong.

Therefore, whether football betting is legal or not depends on whether the “bookmakers” you choose are reputable or not. With the explosion of technology in revolution 4.0, finding a bookie to bet on now is not easy. With just a few keywords, you can get thousands of results. 

At this point, it requires you to be alert and knowledgeable enough to choose a reputable bookmaker you can trust so that both they and you are doing legal football betting.

One of the signs that a house is reputable or not is shown in the privacy policy of player information. The most obvious manifestation of the illegal operation of the bookie is to use customer information and sell it to other individuals and organizations or with customer information to perform acts of appropriation or fraud.

Why is Online Betting Increasingly Hot?

With many attractive advantages, online legal football betting in Vietnam has become a favorite betting address for many players. As follows:

+ Quick and easy registration and deposit/withdrawal procedures.

+ Personal information of players is confidential.

+ Have much experience playing with a significant eating rate and many attractive promotions.

+ Not bound by space and time, can play it anywhere, anytime.

+ Can participate in playing many tournaments at the same time.

+ Have the opportunity to refer to tips and good gameplay from betting players.

+ 24/7 enthusiastic advice and support from a team of consultants.

Players can see that legal football betting has helped players feel a lot more secure when participating in this game. However, players must also be careful and alert to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

To stay awake and choose the correct form of betting to ensure the law for you:

• Choose a form of online betting that is safe.

• Register betting accounts at trusted channels.

• Betting on safe odds, so you don’t fall into a bad bet

Super good football betting experience

1. Learning and grasping the information related to the match is a crucial and necessary thing. You should only bet on teams you know well and are confident in your ability to win.

2. To bet on football effectively, you must know how to manage your capital. Spend wisely, minimizing the possibility of heavy losses.

3. Be very calm during the betting process, do not be distracted by other things. Be consistent with your choices and paths.

4. Choose a reputable bookie to participate safely in betting. Reputable bookies will often have desirable promotions. Giving players the best betting experience.

The truth about the busting of the football betting line in the media

If you are interested and follow, you can see that the vast majority of betting lines caught are traditional betting organizations. At the scene, the authorities found enough physical shreds of evidence, such as cash along with related documents. As for online betting, this is seldom the case.

Players can see that the traditional form of betting is quite sketchy and unsafe. In contrast, online betting with extremely high-security technology protecting players will help you bet with peace of mind. Moreover, tracking down millions of players participating in betting with confidential information at the head office abroad is very difficult.

Epilogue football betting is legal at KUBET

Above are all the raw information answers to the question of Kubet legal football betting in Vietnam. Sports betting has been paid more attention by our State, more closely managed in the direction of not extinguishing it but developing it centrally under the management of a compelling state agency. Participants and business organizations in this activity can rest assured and pay attention to comply with the regulations strictly.

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